Dynamic Delavan House at the Docks

Screen Porch and Deck!

The newest addition to our portfolio of properties. This beautiful NEWLY REMODELED 2600 sq. ft. home is just one block from the Delavan Docks. Sleeps up to 8 adults and 12 total guests

This stunning home has 3 bedrooms with 3 queens, perfect for three couples to vacation together and bring their children to enjoy the bunk beds on the lower level. In addition, on the main level is a sofa sleeper. Dining room table seats 6 with 3 more at the kitchen counter.

3 Bedrooms, Sleeps 12 including 4 bunkbeds downstairs 

Come stay in the lap of luxury
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High-end appliances, like a Bosch dishwasher and LG refrigerator! Wood floors in the main living area and the lower level with separate entertainment center featuring a ping pong table! The main level has a wraparound screen porch and deck as well as a large backyard area to play!

Owner has permission for discounted in and out service for your boats. Beautiful Fontana Beach is just 15 minutes away for swimming. Just $8 per person! Nearby Lake Lawn and the Abbey have restaurants for every taste!

Come join us and live in the lap of LUXURY!

Close to Lake Lawn Resort as well as Alpine Ski Resort. A Home for All Seasons!

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Featured Location

7 Bedroom Luxurious
Terry Redlin Themed
Vacation Rental
Cabin Sleeps 20



Located in 5 star resort, beautiful 7 bedroom 7 1/2 bath log cabin.


Newly remodeled, this cabin recently finished the lower level with 2 additional bedrooms and an additional rec room! 7 bedroom for multiple family gatherings!


As a 7 bedroom accommodates 20!