Beautiful Geneva National Condo on the Golf Course- Monthly Rental! From $1,500 per month off season up to $5,000 per month in season!

Lighthouse Themed Condo, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath 

Need more space? Ask about our 3 or 4 bedroom Geneva National condos sleeping up 8!

If you LOVE Lake Geneva and living on a golf course, then this unit is for you! This is our newest addition to our family of rentals!

This 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo also has a beautiful fireplace to enjoy! 2 QUEENS. Sleeps 4

Relax in the midst of golfer's paradise here on Geneva National's fairway. You'll feel like you're at home in this fabulous, sunny 2 br condo- enjoy the great fairway views from the breezy patio or cozy-up indoors next to a crackling fire. Internet access!

Features a gas fireplace, all appliances & laundry room. Amenities include 3 golf courses, 3 pools, tennis court, playgrounds, walking trails, lakefront dining, 24-hr security, and more.

3 New Poos open Memorial Day through Labor Day: Yes - $12 per adult or $8 per child per day
Tennis and Pickleball: Outdoor
Nature Trails

Stay for a month  
or all year round


Just minutes away from Lake Geneva, Williams Bay, Fontana, and Delavan - spend your vacation in the heart of the Geneva Lake's area.

Located just 4 miles west of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Geneva National is the perfect site for your weekend getaway home. As Chicago stretches northwest and Milwaukee expands southeast, Geneva National is also becoming a great site for quiet suburban living. Introduced in 1990, this 1600-acre community surrounds 54 holes of legendary golf and offers tennis, swimming, water sports, and miles of scenic hiking trails.

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Featured Location

7 Bedroom Luxurious
Terry Redlin Themed
Vacation Rental
Cabin Sleeps 20



Located in 5 star resort, beautiful 7 bedroom 7 1/2 bath log cabin.


Newly remodeled, this cabin recently finished the lower level with 2 additional bedrooms and an additional rec room! 7 bedroom for multiple family gatherings!


As a 7 bedroom accommodates 20!